15 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Social media marketing is gaining popularity because most people opt for online services. Running a business isn’t a simple process, especially if you’re operating in a competitive industry. Small business owners should invest their resources and time in the right social media platforms. Targeting the right audience in various social media platforms will increase market share, improve brand awareness, increase sales, and improves your odds of succeeding. Your social media marketing strategies determine the growth and development of a small business. Below are 15 social media marketing tips for small businesses.

1. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

When choosing the right social media platform, it’s important to analyze and evaluate your target audience. Investing your time in creating and managing a social media account that won’t drive traffic isn’t a great idea. For instance, if your potential buyers spend more of their time on Facebook than on Instagram, consider investing your time and money on Facebook. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about which social media platform is the best for your business, hire a professional.

2. Use the right Strategy

Before posting on your social media platform, it’s important to know your goals and the main purpose of the strategy. Your firm’s goals should always be smart. When you’re creating your social media strategy, ensure you research the target audience. Identify their tastes and preferences as well as their main problems and solutions. In addition, you should conduct a thorough competitor analysis to help you attain a competitive edge.

3. Post Relevant and Exiting Content

It’s important to post regularly on your social media platform. The content should always be unique, entertaining, engaging, and educational. Avoid plagiarized content because your target audience will focus on other businesses that operate in your industry.

4. Link your Business Website to Social Media Pages

Most entrepreneurs and startups use websites and social media platforms to drive organic and foot traffic. Linking your website to your social media platforms will increase your sales because there’ll be an improved conversion rate.

5. Optimize Social Media Bios and Profiles

Use the right strategies to take full advantage of personalizing your business page on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Instagram and Facebook have a great feature that allows clients and customers to place their orders. An optimized Facebook post should contain elements, such as pinned post, custom URL, username, about section, call to action button, profile images/cover images and customize page tabs. Elements of an optimized Instagram account include elements such as action buttons, category, profile picture, website link, your bio, and contact info. In addition, the Twitter business page contains components, such as page link, username, pinned tweets, banner image, and profile image.

6. Respond to Comments

Responding to direct messages and comments in time will improve your bond with potential clients and loyal clients. In addition, responding in a timely manner will help you identify new clients or customers who are interested in your product. Comments are helpful because they help you understand what your clients expect from your brand.

7. Diversify Social Media Feeds

One strategy of diversifying your content is through sharing behind-the-scenes content. Your target audience will appreciate both down-to-earth and promotional content. Therefore, incorporating inspirational content, promotional content, and personal content will keep your followers engaged.

8. Be Consistent

Being consistent is an essential strategy that’ll help small business owners meet their needs. Posting regularly will keep you in contact with your potential clients, thus increasing your odds of converting them.

9. Post More Videos on Your Social Media Channels

Video marketing is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness. Therefore, you should focus on uploading more videos on your social media platform. Ensure that the videos explain some benefits of your product and tips on how to use the product. In addition, ensure that you create a high-quality video that’ll catch your target clients’ attention. Poor video quality can ruin your brand.

10. Post-Eye-catching Visuals

Post-thumb-stopping, engagement-generating eye-catching social media content. Research on the best tools for creating great social media Ads, videos, stories, and posts. Engaging content will attract your target audience, thus playing a major role in converting your target audience into loyal customers/clients.

11. Track your Social Media Results

Tracking the progress of your social media platforms will help you use the right strategies that’ll improve your firm’s performance. When tracking the progress on the performance of a certain social media platform, check the shares, comments, followers, and likes. In addition, other social media metrics that you should explore include the number of pins on Pinterest, post reach, post impression, number of retweets, follower growth, number of brand mentions, and received direct messages.

12. Create a Community on Facebook

According to research, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Creating a Facebook community is a great approach that’ll help you reach your target audience. Communicating with your group members will create a bond, thus increasing the purchase rate. In addition, a Facebook community will improve your firm’s brand awareness through referrals.

13. Run Giveaways and Targeted Contests

Run giveaways and targeted contests improve your brand awareness because your business will go viral online. Motivating your potential clients will play a significant role when it comes to conversion rate. In addition, running giveaways is a way of showing that you care about your target audience.

14. Interact with People

Interacting with your target audience is an effective way that’ll lead to the growth and development of a small business. Socializing with people leaves your clients with a positive impression of your product. Therefore, you should ensure you give your clients contacts on how to reach you through email.

15. Use Trending Hashtags

Trending Twitter hashtags can increase your sales. This is because your content can be accessed by many people. In addition, ensure that you add the trending hashtag to your content.


Above-listed are great social media marketing tips that’ll help a small business flourish. Social media marketing plays a significant role in improving the performance of a small business because you’re targeting a large population.