How Much to Charge for Social media Management

Due to the recent boom of social media websites, you can offer your services to clients who don’t really have any time to handle their own social channels. Of course, you must know how much to charge for social media management. It is not really something that you should do for free because it does take up a lot of your time. There are even times when you need to work outside of office hours when you would have no choice but to answer inquiries coming from clients. You can’t really afford to keep these people waiting or else the people on the other side of the conversation would get a bit disappointed and you would get blamed for that. After all, it would be pretty easy for them to switch sides in the snap of a finger. It is evident there are many factors that affect the amount you would need to charge and here are some of them:

Number of Services

The more services you offer them with regards to social media management then the more you can charge them. It is awesome to offer them a bunch of social media management packages so that they can just choose the one that would suit their brand the most. You can tell them that they will save money when they choose a package that contains a ton of services but the price is not really that high. When it comes to social media, there are just too many things to offer that would capture the hearts of your clients. You know you are going to be in deep trouble if you can’t really put it down with all the right people in charge. As time passes by, you will feel obliged to add more services to your list and it can become apparent that you will get a few suggestions from your most loyal clients. Surely, they should trust you to lead them into the promised land of tomorrow.


You should feel a bit confident in your social media management when you have been doing it for several years. As a result, you can charge a lot more than what you did before. By that time, your number of clients would have already grown. Don’t be afraid to show them what you did with their social media channels. They would be highly impressed if you were able to increase their followers since that is exactly what each brand wants. It would be a totally different story if you are doing it that long. Also, they would know right away that you really love what you do. Besides, you would not last that long in the business if you don’t like what you are doing. It will only be a matter of time before you would feel a bit excited about going to work the next day. It will no doubt result in fast replies to the clients of your clients. That would put a huge smile on their faces and when you are a true professional then you should love seeing that all the time.


The more awards you’ve won then the more you should charge and it can even be on an hourly basis. We all know how winning awards can give your team a lot of recognition. Clients would conclude that getting your services for them would be totally worth it since you were able to excel through trying times. We all know how much you worked for each award as you are competing with some pretty good social media managers. There is nothing like putting up your awards right in your office for everyone to see. You can bet all your workers would feel a bit motivated when they see those plaques because they will want to work hard in order to win more. They will also realize their bosses are pretty good and they would want to be like them one day. Add that to the fact that those people applying for jobs to get in there would also feel a bit motivated to get accepted for jobs. We all know you should let applicants go through each major stage before finally getting to the last one which would be worth the wait because it is evident they can be a part of something big that would usually mean great things for the near future.

Number of People

There are some people who would say too many cooks spoil the broth but that is not really the case here. Besides, you would know how they would all team up for the common goal. Therefore, if you have a lot of people in your team then you can really take it to the next level and charge a lot for that. Besides, that would mean one person would be the focus on one task. it would be hard to trust one person to handle a ton of tasks especially when the clients are a lot. That would mean this person’s focus would be split towards many things in the long run. No matter how good you are, you can’t possibly charge a lot when you handle too many clients. You could even add your own social media accounts and it is quite possible you could end up losing a lot of sleep.

Both sides should feel great regarding how much to charge for social media management on your side. It is possible you will feel good about it but the client does not. What will happen possibly after that would be a bunch of arguments and you can possibly lower the price as long as the contract is long. The payment method can actually affect your performance as they can do it in postdated checks or whatever it is that you agreed on. When their checks bounce then you will surely need to stop your services from happening. It could really happen at a time when you were not really expecting it that much.